Friday, July 15, 2011

Japan - The Before Story

Let me start off by saying, I'm not someone who comes from a well-off family, with parents who can support my expenses, with a carefree life without a need to contribute my wages for the family expenses. I come from a common family background, where money is always needed, and not always there when its needed.

It is difficult. I've wanted to go Japan since what, over 10 years ago?

That desire to want to go, kept growing each year, and my envy slowly piles up every time I heard or read of people who went there so easily. What a nasty emotion. 'It's alright for them, they have money.' What about us common folks who don't have that pile of cash?

Save your own money and wait patiently. I know, its frikkin' hard, and its not a fast process, but you need patience. I wasn't really expecting to go either, but somehow... it just happened. It happens when you least expect it :3 Apparently. And it has nothing to do with luck or whatsoever. Just real patience and perseverance. And one day, it will come true.

It all began in February this year. My sister and her friend was visiting a travel fair, looking at offers for travelling to Japan in March, and they asked me if I would like to just join them(as in just to the fair).

So I joined them later on, since I had nothing else to do. I wasn't really thinking I could go that year either, as all other years. They've told me that if I want to go with them, they'd postpone it to June, when I can go, since I can't go in March due to job obligations. They wanted to see the sakura, I think. Or something.

I told them to just go without me. And so, while they were searching through the travel fair for the best option, I walked into a nearby book fair. I messaged a friend to ask her whether I should go whilst browsing around.

As I wandered around, I made one call to my sister, and asked them whether they've decided. They haven't. After browsing through more books, I made another call, asking whether they've decided, again. They have not. My friend replied me- She told me I should just go if I want to.

I walked back to the travel fair. Somehow, something in me made me tell myself, by the third call I make, and they still haven't confirmed, I shall make them postpone to June, and I would go with them.

So I called. They said something was wrong with the system, or something like that. So, trusting my gut instinct, I told them to wait for me, let's go in June.

So they agreed.

At the end of the day, we decided to book to go to Japan in June, instead of my sister and her friend booking to go during the holidays in March.

I was wondering whether I'd regret following my instincts. But in the end, it was in a way lucky for my sister and her friend, I only realised afterwards, that they did not go in March as planned... because of the tragedy that occured in Japan >_<

My heart truly goes out to the families of the victims.

Introduction Post

I shall make this short.

Life can be really challenging being what I am. I'm not saying I'm the most religious person out there. Definitely not. But I do place limits. There are things I want to do in the world that would not come easy at all, and therefore I have to take steps to overcome the hurdles in my way. Well, for me and those like me.

And so, I begin this blog with my trip as a Muslimah, to Japan.